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You need to have patience and persistence and a strong desire to work in this industry.


I got introduced to tech and the Internet through playing MUDs or text-based games on VT100 terminals.

You might remember them as the monochrome screens. I used to spend most of my days on these games. I eventually went from just being a player to being a wizard and running my own MUD. This was how I was first introduced to a programming language. At the time, the language I used was LPC, a C-like language used to create game objects. It was through these worlds that I really enjoyed programming and wanted to do it in a professional setting. The experience of writing code in other programming languages has given me a baseline to be able to write code in web development.

Not only has it helped me to learn the fundamentals, but it has also shown me that you need to have patience, persistence, and a strong desire to work in this industry. I want to be able to contribute to the vast number of problems that are in this world by lending my skills to development. I think it’s important that we make a difference and one of the ways that we can do that is by building web applications to help a business or individual solve a particular challenge or need that they have.

Jim digs his Treehouse for learning fundamentals.

I am currently focusing my time and energy on front end development, specifically the MEAN stack.

The first development project I did was on a team as part of a 48 hour hackathon. Our team created a hybrid (web/mobile) app to help customers/businesses schedule appointments smoothly. I’ve learned a lot of fundamentals from books and programming courses from Treehouse, Udemy, Codeacademy, and Code School.

When it comes to data structures and algorithms, I use Hackerrank or Project Euler. FreeCodeCamp is also a great resource for learning.

If you are just starting your career in programming, I recommend that you take your time.

Programming is an art form, it doesn’t happen in a week or even a month, it is something you have to continually work at to be good.

Jim blogs his way through the web on Medium!

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