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The Internet fascinates me.


Around 11 years old, I got a CD from my cousin with Warcraft 1 on it.

It was my first RTS [real time strategy] and PC game. I was a gamer for a long time, and about five years ago I started fixing PCs on the side with my friend.

In 2014, I got a few Microsoft certificates for supporting, installing and configuring Windows. At the end of 2014, I got a remote tech support job — I worked as a support technician for about 2 years. After that, I got to train a few newbies and got transferred to Quality Assurance.

Since I’m still a newbie, I’m learning the front end now, but in the future I’m hoping to go full stack with a focus on the back-end since I’m more interested in what goes on behind the scene, than in the visual aspects of web development.

Mirza’s next stop: the mighty AngularJS framework.

I’m focusing on JavaScript now, starting with Angular soon. My first projects were the FCC [freeCodeCamp] small front-end projects, like the tribute page. Best advice I got was to code every single day, even for 10-15 minutes.

My favorite development framework is Bootstrap, because it allows people without much of a sense for design make nice looking sites and it is a really handy way of making your website responsive which is a must nowadays. My hobbies are bike riding, listening to heavy metal or old-school hip-hop, or an occasional comedy or a sci-fi book. Also, I enjoy meditating and listening to spiritual music.

Whether SASS files go missing or you just need some fresh air away from the pepperoni pizza, biking helps ease the struggle.

This dude is everywhere on coding video comment sections on YouTube! Keep up with Mirza's prolific lifestyle on Github.

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